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推荐下载指定码率的 流媒体文件再进行合成,缓存中直接拿到的可能码率不同,合成的文件无法播放等,谨记.


本地下载:AdobeHDS.php And Scripts-master


php AdobeHDS.php --manifest "your_manifest_url" --delete

MyVideo-Seg1-Frag1.f4f, MyVideo-Seg1-Frag2.f4f………MyVideo-Seg1-Frag99.f4f

php AdobeHDS.php MyVideo-Seg1-Frag

You can use script with following switches:

 --help              displays this help
 --debug             show debug output
 --delete            delete fragments after processing
 --fproxy            force proxy for downloading of fragments
 --play              dump stream to stdout for piping to media player
 --rename            rename fragments sequentially before processing
 --update            update the script to current git version
 --auth      [param] authentication string for fragment requests
 --duration  [param] stop recording after specified number of seconds
 --filesize  [param] split output file in chunks of specified size (MB)
 --fragments [param] base filename for fragments
 --manifest  [param] manifest file for downloading of fragments
 --outdir    [param] destination folder for output file
 --outfile   [param] filename to use for output file
 --parallel  [param] number of fragments to download simultaneously
 --proxy     [param] proxy for downloading of manifest
 --quality   [param] selected quality level (low|medium|high) or exact bitrate
 --referrer  [param] Referer to use for emulation of browser requests
 --start     [param] start from specified fragment
 --useragent [param] User-Agent to use for emulation of browser requests

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